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Semper Polanco is a luxury residential project that’s currently being built in the heart of Polanco. There are a few things that I feel make Semper Polanco stand apart from the many other “so-called” luxury condo projects being built right now in Polanco. For this reason, I personally feel that Semper Polanco makes for a great long term investment.

For starters, the location is amazing. Semper Polanco is located just a few blocks from Polanquito and is built on a small dead-end side street that connects indirectly with Arquímedes. I mention indirectly because it’s a pedestrian only passage way that no cars can pass through.

While Arquímedes can oftentimes be congested and noisy in Polanco, in this specific location it’s much quieter and less congested. In addition, the side street it’s adjacent to is very private and gives you the feeling of being in a very special part of Polanco.

But the thing I love most about Semper Polanco is that each condo takes up the entire level and the units are completely wrapped in glass. This means that you have 3 sides of the apartment with floor to ceiling windows and a wrap around terrace. I can’t think of any other building in Polanco that has this feature. Add to that the generous 3-meter high ceilings and you get a living space that is full of volume.

Semper Polanco’s Location

Since the building is located on that small side street I mentioned, the next door building is also separated by that street, which gives you much needed space and air. One of the biggest issues I have with so many luxury buildings in Polanco is that everything is built on top of each other and there is very little natural light. But with Semper, the units are filled with natural light and the condos have a feeling of spaciousness and openness.

Right now, Semper Polanco is well under construction and already on the 2nd level. And since the building is only 12 stories tall, so the goal of opening in July 2019 is on track. There are some great units still available and our team would love to present this amazing project to you.

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